Parallax Views w/ J.G. Michael

Post-Election Analysis w/ JP Sottile

November 9, 2020


The U.S. Election is finally, it appears, over. It looks as if Joe Biden is the next President Elect of the United States and that Donald Trump and his will be out of the White House by 2021. Kamala Harris will join Joe Biden in the White House as Vice President replacing Mike Pence. Democrats are celebrating in the streets over the victory, believing it represents the defeat of a 21st century fascist threat, while Trump and his supporters accuse the election of being rigged through a voter fraud conspiracy. What will the future hold for a post-Trump America?

Journalist JP Sottile aka the Newsvandal joins us to provide his always insightful analysis. In this conversation JP and I discuss:

- The landscape of mainstream and alternative media; Chris Ruddy and Newsmax; class and making it journalism; what has the effect of the Trump Presidency been on journalism and the press?; Fox News

- The projections of Presidential victories in the media, exit polling, and the 2000 election

- The election as a referendum on Trump and how Trump has created a "distortion field" that obscures what the American people want in terms of policy; the Presidential Election as a Trump "reality show"

- The off-year elections in 2022 and what it will say about what Americans want

- Do Americans want progressivism?; Does progressivism have a messaging problem?; the "Defund the Police" movement; Democratic Party Strategist James Carville and others blaming progressives like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar for Democrats' downballot losses; AOC's New York Times interview; can progressives learn a thing or two from the long game of the evangelical Christian Right over the past half century?

- The Lincoln Project; did it play a role in the election?

- High voter turnout and how the conventional wisdom of higher turnout equaling a Democratic "Blue Wave" didn't pan out

-  Military Keynesianism and demand side economics; can Keynesian be applied to other areas rather than those the benefit what has been referred to as the military industrial complex?; the World Economic Forum and the transnational capitalist class; supply side economics vs demand side economics; is Reaganism/Thatcherism over and did Trump show the cracks in its acceptance?

- Richard Spencer's support of Biden/Harris; is Spencer getting what he wanted in the sense that the focus of the Democratic Party's leadership is shifting toward an even more "law and order" route going forward; the history of "liberal" as an epithet during the Reagan era and how "socialist" has become the new epithet

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