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Chatting w/ Streetfight Radio’s Bryan Quinby About the Working Class, Comedy, & More

Chatting w/ Streetfight Radio’s Bryan Quinby About the Working Class, Comedy, & More

August 21, 2019


On this edition of Parallax Views we have a previously unpublished conversation with Brian Quinby of Street Fight Radio, the World's #1 Anarcho-Comedy Podcast.

The "working class Republican" and "blue-collar conservative" have become a trope, especially in light of the Trump Presidency. Right-wing personalities like Steve Bannon and Tucker Carlson claim to speak for the forgotten workers while railing against coastal elites. Meanwhile, Dirty Job's Mike Rowe injects libertarian talking points into his valorization of the Protestant work ethic. But do these figures have the final say on the ethos of the working class? Brian Quinby, along with his Street Fight Radio co-host Brett Payne, argues that shouldn't be the case. And he would know give that Street Fight Radio is a left-oriented podcast based around its hosts personal experiences of being part of the working class.

Bryan and I chat about a number of topics related to the public discussion around the working class as well as talking a bit about comedy, culture, and, yes, pro wrestling!


Parallax Views Gets Hit by the Ochelli Effect: A Conversation w/ Radio Host Chuck Ochelli

Parallax Views Gets Hit by the Ochelli Effect: A Conversation w/ Radio Host Chuck Ochelli

August 19, 2019

Chuck Ochelli, host and producer of the Ochelli Effect radio program/network, is an eclectic figure within the world of online media. He has a keen interest in the JFK assassination, got through a rough and tumble early life that brought him into contact with organized crime and outlaw bikers gangs, and was heavily involved in the East Coast punk and metal scenes. Both articulate and street-wise, Chuck Ochelli has managed to do a great deal in his lifetime. And, inspirationally, he's done it while overcoming the limitations of being legally blind.

I've appeared on two Ochelli Effect network shows, The Age of Transitions and Porkins Policy Review (both of which the workman Ochelli produces in addition to his own show!), and thought it was high time to have Chuck on Parallax Views. We discuss a number of topics starting with a little background on Chuck's life, specifically his wild childhood years onto his experiences amongst the criminal underworld and the outlaw biker gang known as The Pagans. From there we delve into his affinity for the Black Panthers and shows he's done covering the little known Civil Rights figure T.RM. Howard.

Chuck's also gives a firsthand perspective on the rise of Trumpism through his experiences, as an online talk radio host, with the eerie proto-Trumpist militia and Patriot movement. He's got some thoughts on these so-called "Patriots" and their ties to the white nationalist movement. Additionally, Chuck tells listeners about the crackpot conspiracy shock jock and generally distrainable figure James Fetzer. During this portion of the conversation Chuck goes no-holds-barred on many elements in the so-called "alternative" media.

We start wrapping up the conversation by discussing a very fun story from Chuck's days in the East Coast punk/metal scenes. Specifically, Chuck tells the tale of how he was offered the role of lead vocalist for the infamous Murder Junkies after the passing of the infamous G.G. Allin!

All in all it's a fascinating, free-wheeling conversation that you're not going to want to miss on this edition of Parallax Views!





First episode, featuring extended conversation with Joseph Green, from our Paul Krassner episode, discussing conspiracy theory now available for listening!


Links for this episode:

Garrison: The Journal of History and Deep Politics

Pagan's Motorcycle Club (Wikipedia)

"Trump Dynasty: Did Donald Trump Have Mob Connections?" (Heavy.Com; Chuck weighs in on this issue during our conversation)

Ochelli Effect Shows on Civil Rights Leader T.R.M. Howard

G.G. Allin (Wikipedia)

Renegade Smith (Creator of the Ochelli Effect Theme Song Used in the Intro)

Showbiz Legend & Godfather of Reality TV John Barbour UNLEASHED & UNCENSORED!

Showbiz Legend & Godfather of Reality TV John Barbour UNLEASHED & UNCENSORED!

August 17, 2019

John Barbour

John Barbour is a showbiz legend. He worked with Frank Sinatra. He interviewed such figures as boxer Muhammad Ali, gangster Mickey Cohen, Ronald Reagan, Jane Fonda, and American labor leader Cesar Chavez among others. He helped create reality TV in 1979 with the groundbreaking show Real People. He was a player in the 1960's "sick humor" comedy circuit alongside greats like Redd Foxx, Dick Gregory, and Lenny Bruce. And now he's telling his story in a funny, warm, and comprehensive autobiography entitled Your Mother's Not a Virgin!: The Bumpy Life and Times of the Canadian Dropout Who Changed the Face of American TV!

John joins us UNLEASHED and UNCENSORED to discuss his life and times. He doesn't mince words and speaks his mind at all times. He may surprise you. He may upset you. He may make you laugh. But, if you're like me, you'll never find him boring. We discuss a number of topics in this conversation including his take on Quentin Tarantino's latest movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, coming to Hollywood during the heated cultural turmoil of America during the Cold War, his relationship with the legendary cinematographer and director Haskell Wexler, his role in creating reality television with the show Real People, and his involvement in 1960's stand-up comedy. You'll also hear John's takes on politics, something he's very passionate about and finds a way to interject into the conversation. Agree or disagree with those views, John is always an engaging speaker with a fascinating life story.



Roberta Glass on Epstein, Dershowitz, the NXIVM Sex Cult, & Her Firsthand Trial Reporting Experiences

Roberta Glass on Epstein, Dershowitz, the NXIVM Sex Cult, & Her Firsthand Trial Reporting Experiences

August 16, 2019

The sordid saga of Jeffrey Epstein has gained widespread public attention, however it is not the only case of wealthy, well-connected abusers to make waves in recent years. The cases of Jimmy Savile, Bill Cosby, and Harvey Weinstein have likewise helped open the floodgates. One of the strangest, however, is NXIVM. Presenting itself as a multi-level marketing organization peddling self-help under the tutelage of the manipulative, Manson-esque guru Keith Raniere, NXIVM has since been exposed as a sex cult that counted Smallville actresses Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk as well as American heiress Claire Bronfman amongst its famous and influential members. The cult's alleged activities included brainwashing, blackmail, physical branding of members, and BDSM practice of master-slave relationships sans anything that could reasonably be understood as consent. Raniere and other members have since been convicted on charges including racketeering, forced labor, and sexual trafficking.

Joining us on this edition of Parallax Views to discuss both the Jeffrey Epstein and NXIVM cases is Roberta Glass of True Crime Report. Roberta, in addition to the True Crime Report podcast, has done firsthand reporting from court on both the NXIVM trial and the Epstein-related Virginia Roberts Guiffre v Ghislaine Maxwell. She gives her experiences reporting on these cases and personal recollections concerning Alan Dershowitz, what she saw at the NXIVM trial, and much more on this sobering edition of Parallax Views.




David Frum & the Post-Epstein Circus of DOOM! w/ JP Sottile

David Frum & the Post-Epstein Circus of DOOM! w/ JP Sottile

August 15, 2019

The post-Epstein media ecosystem has been a clown car crash. You could say it's a... CIRCUS OF DOOM! Faithful listeners will remember the Circus of Doom from when Parallax Views covered the media brouhaha over Roger Stone w/ Pearse Redmond and Ed Opperman. This time returning guest JP Sottile, the NewsVandal himself, joins us to discuss not only the media circus around Epstein, but also establishment pundit David Frum's clownish declaration that Trump could be the US's "1st Marxist President". The conversation takes us down the general nightmare funhouse of media mayhem that's been gripping the U.S. since 2016 and is packed with JP's always articulate analysis. So step right up to hear... DAVID FRUM AND THE POST-EPSTEIN CLOWN CAR CRASH OF DOOM!

Check out JP's work at Newsvandal and subscribe to the Newsvandal Rundown

Conspiracy Theories in the Aftermath of Epstein w/ Gumby (@Gumby4Christ)

Conspiracy Theories in the Aftermath of Epstein w/ Gumby (@Gumby4Christ)

August 14, 2019


#ClintonBodyCount. #TrumpsBodyCount. The concern trolling over all the speculation. Conspiracy theory is experiencing its moment in the mainstream thanks to the demise of wealthy sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Joining us to discuss this renewed public interest in conspiracy theories is a student of "parapolitics", Gumby (@Gumby4Christ), whose Twitter following has been experiencing an uptick in light of recent events.

Gumby begins by commenting on the public response to Epstein's death before telling us how he became interested in the subject of conspiracy theories. He relates a personal story involving confirmed. secretive, Cold War era radiation testing in St. Louis that has lingering effect today. He recommends a book on the subject by sociologist Lisa Martino-Taylor called Behind the Fog that proposes an intriguing academic theory of "elite deviance". From there we bounce around to a number of different topics including media responses to conspiracy theories, disinformation, the seemingly astroturfed origins of Pizzagate, Netflix's Wormwood series, Tom O'Neill's popular new book on the Manson murders called Chaos, investigative journalist Seymour Hersh, MKULTRA, mob-related conspiracies involving infamous organized crime figures like Whitey Bulger and Lucky Luciano, the strange career of FBI agent and Satanic Panic peddler Ted Gunderson, and, of course, the sordid saga of Jeffrey Epstein. All that and much more on this edition of Parallax Views!

Libertarian Hunter DeRensis Critiques the National Conservatism Conference

Libertarian Hunter DeRensis Critiques the National Conservatism Conference

August 13, 2019

On this edition of Parallax Views, libertarian Hunter DeRensis, foreign policy reporter for The National Interest, joins us to discuss last month's National Conservatism Conference that set out to define the path of America's conservative movement in the age of Trump. DeRensis and I are no doubt divided on most political issues given that I'm openly to the left whereas he positions himself on the libertarian right. However, both DeRensis and I stand in opposition the war-hawk foreign policy mentality that was on prominent display, despite Trumpism's alleged affinity for non-interventionism, at the National Conservatism conference.

DeRensis and I talk about the hawkish figures at the conference such as Cliff May, Rebeccah Heinrichs, and Trump's National Security Advisor John Bolton among others. This also leads to some discussion of neoconservatism and its history, the ideological differences between neocons and those who spoke at the National Conservatism conference, Saudi Arabia, US-Russia relations, the geopolitical situation with China, war-hawks against Iran, and Hunter's recent article on concerns of nuclear catastrophe that some expert believe are more of a threat now than during the Cold War.


“Dangerous Foreign Policy at the National Conservatism Conference” by Hunter DeRensis (The Libertarian Institute)

"Will Nationalism Become the New Credo of the GOP?" by Hunter DeRensis (The National Interest)

"The Danger of A Nuclear Catastrophe Is Greater Than During the Cold War" by Hunter DeRensis (The National Interest)

NY Journalist Marlon Ettinger on Epstein’s Death, Unsealed Files, & Experiences Reporting at the Courthouse

NY Journalist Marlon Ettinger on Epstein’s Death, Unsealed Files, & Experiences Reporting at the Courthouse

August 12, 2019

Over the weekend Jeffrey Epstein, the wealthy sex offender whose sordid saga has taken the nation by storm, was found unconscious in prison and later declared dead. New York-based journalist Marlon Ettinger, who has been covering the case at the courthouse, joins us to discuss this huge development as well as discussing the recently unsealed documents from the Giuffre v Maxwell and his experiences reporting the case from the courthouse (including encounter with Mike Cernovich and Conchita Sarnoff as well as seeing Epstein in the flesh). Consider this an emergency podcast with more to come...

Links & Resources:

Data Dump: Giuffre V Maxwell unsealed documents (Porkins Policy Review)

Conchita Sarnoff, Investigative Journalist & Author of TrafficKing

Jeffrey Epstein could have ‘paid’ for help with suicide: Former Gotti pal (New York Post)

FBI Record: The Vault - Jeffrey Epstein

Daniel Hopsicker Says We’re Living on Gangster Planet: Organized Crime, Trump, & Epstein (+ QAnon Revealed?)

Daniel Hopsicker Says We’re Living on Gangster Planet: Organized Crime, Trump, & Epstein (+ QAnon Revealed?)

August 9, 2019

Are we living on a Gangster Planet? That's the explosively provocative but intriguing claim investigative reporter Daniel Hopsicker has made for almost two decades since he began delving into the wild story of Medellin Cartel drug smuggler Barry Seal. But Hopsicker say Barry Seal, who recently became the subject of the major motion picture American Made starring Tom Cruise, is only the tip of the iceberg. In fact, it took him down many rabbit holes from the Venice, FL flight school where 9/11 hijackers like Mohammad Atta trained to the underworld of the Russian mafia. It's also led him to dig into an assorted rogue's gallery of infamous figures like international arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi, the Russian mob's "Boss of Bosses" Semion Mogilevich, billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, and even the President Donald Trump.

Roberto Saviano, a critically acclaimed essayist and reporter whose exposés of organized crime and the international drug trade has placed his life in jeopardy, famously proclaimed, "Look at Cocaine and All You See Is Powder. Look Through Cocaine and You See the World." "Here it is, laid bare: cartel as corporation, corporation as cartel; cocaine as pure capitalism," write Ed Vulliamy of Saviano's ZeroZeroZero, "Here it is, laid bare: cartel as corporation, corporation as cartel; cocaine as pure capitalism."

Hopsicker shares alot in common with Saviano, albeit trading in the Italian reporter's continental literary stylings for his own fittingly hard-boiled approach. In any case, both Hopsicker and Saviano scrutinize the lucrative business of what has come to be known as "Narco-Capitalism". And given the amount of money the illicit drug trade makes within the global economy it's an apropos portmanteau.

Together, Daniel and I weave through the labyrinth of his reporting on what he dubs "transnational organized crime" and it's intersection with politics and business. Along the way Daniel gives his take the late Gary Webb's "Dark Alliance" series covering the alleged connection between Iran/Contra and LA's crack-cocaine epidemic, the notoriously controversial ex-Trump strategist Steve Bannon, and, near the end of our conversation, even offers a compellingly probable contender for who the "Q" is behind the madness of QAnon.


"CONTAINER SHIP CRIME WAVE!" by Daniel Hopsicker

"The Jeffrey Epstein Social Network & The Container Ship Crime Wave" by Daniel Hopsicker

"The Jeffrey Epstein Social Network Mega Meta Scandal" by Daniel Hopsicker

Daniel Hopsicker on Youtube

Daniel Hopsicker on Twitter

The Narco News Bulletin

Journalist Gary Webb's "Dark Alliance" Series from the San Jose Mercury News (PDF)

Gary Webb: In His Own Words (Video)

Gary Webb on C-Span's Washington Journal (Video)

Adnan Khashoggi (Wikispooks)

Barry Seal (Wikispooks)

Roberto Saviano (Wikipedia)

Check Out Daniel Hopsicker's Work at MadCowProd.Com


Return of Parallax Views Patreon! Former Roger Stone Collaborator Robert Morrow on Trump, Epstein, & the Case Katie Johnson

Return of Parallax Views Patreon! Former Roger Stone Collaborator Robert Morrow on Trump, Epstein, & the Case Katie Johnson

August 8, 2019

Katie Johnson aka Katie Doe

Parallax Views makes its Patreon return with a formerly unpublished conversation featuring former Roger Stone collaborator Robert Morrow on Trump, Epstein, and the Katie Johnson/Jane Doe rape story that was reported briefly prior to the election of Donald Trump. It's a wild episode in which Morrow, a former Stone supporter, lays out why he believe Katie Johnson aka Jane Doe's accusations concerning Donald Trump are true.

DISCLAIMER: The view expressed in this episode represent those of Robert Morrow himself and do not necessarily represent those of Parallax Views or J.G. Michael.

Check it out at