Parallax Views w/ J.G. Michael

The Eschatology of Alexander Dugin, the Serpent Snake Oil Salesman w/ Branko Malic

July 9, 2022


On this edition of Parallax Views, a previously unreleased conversation from April 2022 with Kali Tribune's Branko Malic, who specializes in writing about metaphysics from a Catholic and traditionalist bent, about the Russian philosopher that's been called "Putin's Rasputin", Alexander Dugin.

Aleksandr Dugin has been a figure that's gotten media coverage ever since the election of Donald Trump. He's one of the most ardent supporters of Putin's invasion of Ukraine. But who is Alexander Dugin? What are his beliefs? Is he a Gnostic? A follower of the Traditionalist School of metaphysics in the vein of Rene Guenon or Julius Evola? An occultist who practices a chaos magick? A mere Russian imperialist who promotes his worldview through what he calls the "Fourth Political Theory" and Eurasianism? A madman? A Satanist? A Russian Orthodox Catholic? Or simply a man who wants to "immanentize the eschaton" (aka the apocalypse)? Branko and I will tackle all of this and much more in the conversation.

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