Parallax Views w/ J.G. Michael

Ep. 88: Video Essayist José on the Youtube Alt Right Pipeline, Journalism Vs. Psuedo-Journalism, & Culture Wars

April 30, 2019

Reports indicate that YouTube has become a breeding ground for alt right radicalization. How did this powerful platform become a haven for the far-right? Joining us on this edition of Parallax Views to tease out some details that may answer that question is video essayist José. José, whose Youtube videos feature deep-dive critiques of right-wing ideologues like Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux, explains how the reactionary turn of the YouTube community goes back to the New Atheist Movement. Additionally, José talks with us a bit about some of the alt right's favorite talking points like social Darwinism and the "white genocide" conspiracy theory in South Africa and the pseudo-journalism of personalities like Lauren Southern. Then José and I turn to the subject of culture wars from Gamergate to the more recent Comicsgate which has found elements of video game and comic book fandom becoming enraged over what they see as a politically-motivated effort to force racial, gender, and sexual diversity onto their favorite media.

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Show Notes:

The alt-right loves YouTube (Vox)

How YouTube Built a Radicalization Machine for the Far-Right (The Daily Beast)

From the Enlightenment to the Dark Ages: How "new atheism" slid into the alt-right (Salon)

The New Atheist "Elevatorgate" Controversy (RationalWiki)

Trump’s tweet echoing white nationalist propaganda about South African farmers, explained (Vox)

South Africa: The groups playing on the fears of a 'white genocide’ (BBC)

South Africa and the Far Right Pt. 1 (Rational Disconnect Youtube)

What is Comicsgate? The Newest Geek Controversy, Explained (Inverse)

Relevant José Video Essays:

How Stefan Molyneux Repackages Social Darwinism

Pseudo-Journalism with Lauren Southern

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#ComicsGate and the War on Diversity in Comic Books (with special guest Mexie)

José Talks About His Latest Two-Part Video Essay "Roseanne of the Conners", a Leftist Reading of Roseanne from Its Original Incarnation to the Revival and Reboot