Parallax Views w/ J.G. Michael

T.J. Coles on Boris Johnson, Neoliberalism, & The Great Brexit Swindle

August 1, 2019

On this edition of Parallax Views, British author and commentator T.J. Coles joins us to discuss the UK's controversial new Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the midst of Brexit. Since June 23rd, 2016, when the U.K. voted in favor of a referendum to leave the European Union, Britain has experienced a sustained period of political turbulence. Who was behind the Brexit campaign? Who were the forces opposing it? What does the British exit from the United Kingdom entail? And, of course, how did this happen? T.J. Coles, author of The Great Brexit Swindle: Why the Mega-Rich and Free Market Fanatics Conspired to Force Britain from the European Union, provides interesting answers to these questions while also unpacking the ideas of neoliberalism, the state of democracy in Britain, criticisms of the EU's technocratic nature, the negative media portrayals of Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn, and parallels between the political economies of the U.K. and the U.S.


"The Tragic Inevitability of Boris Johnson MP" by T.J. Coles (Counterpunch)

"'Strategic Extremism': How Republicans and Establishment Democrats Use Identity Politics to Divide and Rule" by T.J. Coles (Counterpunch)

"The Billionaires Behind the Far-Right" by T.J. Coles (Counterpunch)

"Corbyn and the Mainstream Media: A Case-Study in Fake News" by T.J. Coles (Counterfire)

"We Need a People's Globalization to Defeat Global Neoliberalism" by T.J. Coles (Truth Out)


Real Fake News by T.J. Coles (Red Pill Press)

Privatized Planet by T.J. Coles (New Internationalist)

The Great Brexit Swindle by T.J. Coles (Clairview Books)

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