Parallax Views w/ J.G. Michael

David Frum & the Post-Epstein Circus of DOOM! w/ JP Sottile

August 15, 2019

The post-Epstein media ecosystem has been a clown car crash. You could say it's a... CIRCUS OF DOOM! Faithful listeners will remember the Circus of Doom from when Parallax Views covered the media brouhaha over Roger Stone w/ Pearse Redmond and Ed Opperman. This time returning guest JP Sottile, the NewsVandal himself, joins us to discuss not only the media circus around Epstein, but also establishment pundit David Frum's clownish declaration that Trump could be the US's "1st Marxist President". The conversation takes us down the general nightmare funhouse of media mayhem that's been gripping the U.S. since 2016 and is packed with JP's always articulate analysis. So step right up to hear... DAVID FRUM AND THE POST-EPSTEIN CLOWN CAR CRASH OF DOOM!

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