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Failed State Update PREVIEW - Operation Northwoods: False Flags in the Pentagon

June 10, 2022
This is a preview for the latest Failed State Update, a podcast I co-host with Joseph Flatley.



Douglas Horne on the JFK assassination and the planned invasion of Cuba


This is what happened when I Googled 'Bay of Pigs'


This is what happened when I Googled 'Bay of Pigs'

Douglas P. Horne is a former staffer for the Assassination Records Review Board and the author of several books, including Inside the Assassination Records Review Board. In this episode of Failed State Update, J.G. Michael and Horne discuss Operation Northwoods, the Pentagon's (very real) plan to down aircraft, blow up ships, or possibly kill American civilians as a pretext for an invasion of Cuba. President Kennedy, wisely, thought the whole thing was nuts and prevented it from happening.

Northwoods is a bit of a history lesson, but it's an important one. It exemplifies the lengths that the military may go in order to get its way. And as conspiracies go, it's as bizarre as anything Alex Jones has cooked up. And it's all real.

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