Parallax Views w/ J.G. Michael

A Parallax Views Health Justice Fundraiser Pt. 2 w/ Marlon Ettinger, Alley Valkyrie, Dave from The Serfs, The Horror Vanguard, & Eric Draitser

August 29, 2019

A Note to Listeners: Please Consider Supporting This GoFundMe for the Medical Expenses of this Pittsburgh Family. Your Support Would Mean the World to Parallax Views & J.G. Michael

It's a special fundraiser edition of Parallax Views! A family in Pittsburgh needs your help with a GoFundMe campaign for their father and Parallax Views is doing a podcast-a-thon on health justice to support the cause! Voice featured in this episode include:

- Marlon Ettinger, freelance reporter and co-host of the upcoming podcast series Footnotes

- Alley Valkyrie of Gods & Radicals Press, pagan activist, political theorist, and American living abroad in France

- Dave from The Serfs, an increasingly popular left-oriented YouTube channel

- Ash and Jon, hosts of the Horror Vanguard podcast

- Eric Draitser, host of Counterpunch Radio and intrepid activist (audio on my end for this is of slightly reduced quality due to mic issues, BUT is a must listen; I don't speak much anyways and let Eric lay it all out for the listeners!)