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Hollywood, the CIA, and “Progressives” in Tinseltown w/ Jim DiEugenio

August 29, 2020

On this edition of Parallax Views, believe it or not it's an open secret in Tinseltown that the Pentagon and the CIA have liaisons in Hollywood that exert influence on various film and TV productions. For example, hit movies like Zero Dark Thirty, Enemy of the State, and The Sum of All Fears all received CIA consultation and the Pentagon has been involved in hit TV shows like Bones and 24. For all the talk of Hollywood as a bastion of progressive politics and the accusation from right-wing media that the entertainment industry has too much of a liberal bias, Tinseltown's connection to Uncle Sam's favorite intelligence agency and the Department of Defense may come as a surprise. However, Jim DiEugenio, proprietor of the website Kennedys and King, say the ties run deep and have created an environment in Hollywood where our favorites cinematic blockbuster and TV series are influenced by the intelligence community and the Department of Defense. In his most recent book, The JFK Assassination: The Evidence Today, DiEugenio devotes a whole section of his book to how movies like the Tom Hanks produced Charlie Wilson's War and Steven Spielberg's The Post actually act as revisionist history that whitewash over uncomfortable truths. He also details how figures like the CIA's Chase Brandon and the Pentagon's Phil Strub became involved with the entertainment industry and the extent of their influence. He joins us on this edition of the program to:

- Dissect the true story of the Pentagon Papers and Daniel Ellsberg while critiquing Steven Spielberg's treatment of the topic with The Post

- Examine Charlie Wilson's War and how it glosses over the way in which U.S. Congressman Charlie Wilson's (and Reagan era CIA director William Casey's) efforts to add Afghan rebels in the Soviet-Afghan conflict through Operation Cyclone actually lead to many of the crises that would become a fixture of politics after 9/11 and the advent of the Bush administration's War on Terror

- Offer his thoughts on Oliver Stone's recent comments on Bill Maher's show questioning the import of Russia interference in the 2000 election

- A tidbit about how famed prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi believed in an RFK assassination conspiracy despite rejecting the idea of a conspiracy in the assassination of JFK

Kill the Messenger, the cinematic biography of Gary Webb, the journalist whose career was famously ruined after he wrote a multi-part series on the connection between Iran/Contra and the L.A. crack epidemic

- And much, much more!

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