Parallax Views w/ J.G. Michael

How the Pentagon Blocked Efforts to End the Iraq War w/ Matthew Petti

March 2, 2021


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On this edition of Parallax Views, how how have AUMFs (Authorization for the Use of Military Force) been used and misused with regards to America's "Forever Wars"? Matthew Petti of the Quincy Institute joins us to discuss his latest article in Responsible Statecraft entitled "The inside story of how the Pentagon blocked efforts to end the Iraq War". In said article Petti explains how AUMFs have been used to block ending the Iraq War. Additionally, Petti notes how the 2001 and 2002 AUMFs have been utilized by both the Presidential administrations of Barack H. Obama and Donald J. Trump. Is there a possibility that there will be a change in how AUMFs are utilized under President Joe Biden? We discuss all this and much more on this edition of Parallax Views.

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