Parallax Views w/ J.G. Michael

Analyzing the Dual Financialization & Fascistization of American Culture w/ Paul Jay

February 6, 2021


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On this edition of Parallax Views, Paul Jay is a journalist and documentarian behind the thoughtful independent media outlet theAnalysis.News. Prior to founding theAnalysis.News, where he hosts interviews with such figures as Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, Matt Taibbi, Abby Martin, Noam Chomsky, and many others, he directed the documentary Hitman Hart: Wrestling With Shadows (concerning pro wrestler Bret "The Hitman" Hart and his relationship to the WWE and Vince McMahon) and served as the founder, CEO, and Senior Editor of The Real News Network.

Paul joins us on this edition of the show to do what he does best: provide an analysis of the world and the events sweeping it today. In particular we focus on the dual process of the financialization and what Paul calls the fascistization of American culture. We delve into the long shadow of the Cold War mentality and how modern far-right movements with a penchant for the paranoid-style in American politics, like QAnon, have predecessors like the John Birch Society in the 20th century. Additionally we discuss the struggles of the political Left today and how they relate to the struggles of today. We talk about socialism and the crushing of socialist movements in the 20th century, the Soviet Union, McCarthyism, and more in this regard. Additionally, we also discuss how hyper-capitalism or a kind of capitalism-on-steroids has created a situation of multiple crises of epic proportions. In particular, Paul consider the climate crisis and the lack of time we have in dealing with said crisis. Additionally, Paul and I discuss what can be done, the Democratic Party and corporate politics, third party politics and whether they are feasible, Gore Vidal's ideas about the decline of American Empire, Russiagate, the digital revolution and digitized globalization, how financial capital and Wall Streets works in our neoliberal society, Blackrock and the irrationality of Wall Street's mentality, and much, much more!

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