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Opus Dei, QAnon, and Operation Gladio w/ Raul Diego

October 7, 2020


On this edition of Parallax Views, the ultra-conservative Catholic order Opus Dei has come under scrutiny due to the nomination of the devout Catholic Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court after the passing Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Although Barrett is connected to similar order known as the People of Praise, Opus Dei has come up due to the connections of Attorney General Bill Barr and The Federalist Society's Leonard Leo, the latter of whom is a board members of the Opus Dei's Catholic Information Center and who played a role in getting Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch nominated into the Supreme Court under President Trump. Mint Press News journalist Raul Diego joins us on this edition of the program to details why this matters and how the Opus Dei is connected to covert operation like Operation Gladio and Operation Condor that are tie together the Vatican, the mafia, and intelligence agencies like the CIA as outlined in Raul's recent article "The Court of God: How a Catholic Secret Society Took Over SCOTUS". He even manages to discuss how this saga ties into the scandal-prone Deutsche Bank through the figure of Herman Abs. Incidentally, Deutsche Bank has come under scrutiny in recent weeks due to the leaked FinCEN files.

Raul also give his take on what he considers the more insidious implications of the COVID crisis in regards to the potential of the crisis being exploited for the furtherance of the surveillance state society that has grown since the Bush era War on Terror after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001. In this regard I'm not sure that Raul and I are in complete agreement, but I do see the dangers of increased digital surveillance being normalize during the pandemic in a way that will not be reversed when it ends. Additionally, Raul and I also discuss his latest article "From British Israelism to the Miami Model: What’s Behind QAnon’s 2020 Resurgence?". Raul makes the case, much like Robbie Martin of Media Roots Radio, that QAnon is a sophisticated operation meant to stifle free speech in a "Strategy of Tension" that use's the phenomena's true believers as useful idiots. In other words, Raul believes that QAnon, which he ties into the bizarre antisemitic ideas of British Israelism (which is a belief that Anglo-Saxons are the true Jews and the real "Chosen People"), is a manufactured revolt designed by the very deep state it claims to oppose. And, as it turns out, figures like Richard Grenell, Former Acting Director of the United States National Intelligence, are boosting QAnon accounts on social media. In this regard Raul and I discuss the work of investigative journalist Gary Webb and how it created a fertile environment of independent journalists who threaten what has more or less been called "The Establishment". All that and more on this edition of Parallax Views!

EDIT: Due to my busy schedule and how hard I've been working I made a rather ridiculous mistake in the outro... I called Raul Diego "Raul Julia"... yes, the famous actor. Oh well, bloopers are part of the fun.

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