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Masonic History and Is QAnon an Op? w/ Robbie Martin

October 5, 2020


On this edition of Parallax Views, Robbie Martin of Media Roots joins us to discuss his recent podcast series on the history of Freemasonry in America as well as his thoughts on the QAnon phenomena. In Robbie's estimation, QAnon seems to be a political, or perhaps even intelligence, operation. But to what end? Find out on this edition of Parallax Views!

Among the topics covered:

- Is the history of Freemasonry in the U.S. is more interesting than the sensationalist interpretations of Masonic figures like Alex Jones? Robbie thinks so!

- Anti-Masonry and the Anti-Masonic Party in the U.S. and the disappearance of William Morgan; the Catholic Church Vs. Freemasonry

- How the sensationalism around fraternal organizations and secret societies actually undermines the fact that such organizations can potentially create networks of privilege and preferential treatment

- What is going on with QAnon? Is it a psyop? What effect will it have on the stifling of information on the internet?

- 8chan whistleblower Frederick Brennan and 8chan owner Jim Watkins, who has been discussed as the pivotal figure in pushing QAnon. Is there more to it than Watkins?

- How the concept of the "deep state" has been denigrated by QAnon's nonsense; the Grand Unified Conspiracy subculture under QAnon... QAnon's followers infiltrating everything from UFO subculture to the 9/11 Truth Movement

- The damage that QAnon and figures like Alex Jones have had on skepticism of intellectual and academics critiques of government, imperialism, etc.

- Figures like former CIA Bin Laden Unit head honcho Michael Scheuer and Tom Clancy ghostwriter/former State Department figure Steve Pieczenick; Bin Laden's niece, Noora Bin Laden, is a QAnon supporter?

- QAnon after Trump has gotten COVID; belief of some QAnon supporters that Trump is faking illness to bring about "The Storm" and the arrest of Hillary Clinton; Q's posts, called "Q Drops" becoming lazier and more akin to your average electoral conspiracy theories rather than the more outlandish theories that QAno's WWG1WGA army has become used to devouring

- Russiagate and QAnon; does QAnon strive off energy from Russiagate; the Israeli private intelligence firm Psy Group and its relationship to the Trump-Russia story; Trump aggressing Russia ahead of arms treaty expiring; Russian bounties story

- The faux populism and the big money (or dark money) behind the American Right and Trumpism

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