Parallax Views w/ J.G. Michael

The Devil and Shane Bugbee, Round 2: Love, Hope, & Devil Horns w/ Shane Bugbee

March 9, 2020

On this edition of Parallax Views, underground publisher entrepreneur extraordinaire Shane Bugbee of the Speak of the Devil podcast joins us to discuss love, hope, radicalism, philosophy, grace, aging, the struggles of being an artist, and trading in misanthropy for trust and hope in his fellow man. Oh, and we talk Bernie Sanders too!

In case you're unfamiliar, Shane is a a magnet from controversy. For example, he is the person who republished Ragnar Redbeard's Might Makes Right, effectively taking the screed out of obscurity (he's since taken it out of circulation after and expressed more than a bit of contempt for the racist neo-nazis who have touted the book). Additionally, he's been involved in the worlds of true crime, heavy metal, and even the subculture of Satanism from Anton LaVey's Church of Satan to Lucien Greaves' The Satanic Temple. It was these associations that led Shane to being ran out of the small-town of Ely, Minnesota. You may be thinking, "Ugh, an edgelord!" But, interestingly Shane isn't a misanthrope at this stage in his life. Specifically, after a cross-country tour of the U.S. for his documentary/book The Suffering and Celebration of Life in America, he says that he learned to trust people and that, for the most part, people aren't so bad.

This is a relatively free-form conversation with Shane and we cover a smorgasboard of topics like religion (Shane takes a dimmer view on the matter than I do), his unique experiences talking to people from both the tippy top and bottom rungs of the socioeconomic latter, and why altruism paradoxically helps yourself as well as others.


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