Parallax Views w/ J.G. Michael

The Election Fever Episode w/ Investigative Journalist Stephen Singular & Counterpunch Radio’s Eric Draitser

March 7, 2020

On this edition of Parallax Views, while concerns about the global pandemic known as the coronavirus continue to mount in the United States, many folks are being hit by symptoms of another entirely different condition sweeping the nation. Namely, election fever.

The surprise comeback of former Vice President Joe Biden in the Democratic Party Primaries proved to be a dark day for progressive activists, specifically supporters of Bernie Sanders.. As we race toward the General Election in November that will pit the Democratic nominee against sitting President Donald Trump, the heat has been turned up a notch on the Democratic Party Primary race. Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Michale Bloomberg, and, now, Elizabeth Warren have dropped out of the running leaving us with a match-up between the centrist moderate Joe Biden and the progressive Bernie Sanders. Joining us later on this edition of the program to discuss the aftermath of Super Tuesday and where progressive movement and the left need to go from here is Eric Draitser of Counterpunch Radio.

But first...


The 2000 Presidential Election, which pitted Republican George W. Bush against Democrat Al Gore, the latter fresh from a run as Vice President under Bill Clinton, was marred by controversy by the time it ended. For a brief period it appeared to many, including the news media, that Gore would win the election. However, reporting on Al Gore’s victory in Florida, where George W’s brother Jeb Bush was serving as Governor, suddenly proved incorrect at the 11th hour. Controversy arose when it was found that Votomatic machine punch card ballots appeared to have left sizable number of voters unaccounted for. Republicans claimed that this was because said voters were not sophisticated enough to use the Votomatic machien properly. Meanwhile, Democrats demanded recounts. The debacle eventually went all the way to the Supreme Court when it was decided that Bush would be declared the winner of the Presidential race. Nonetheless, public figures ranging from progressive radio host Thom Hartmann to famed attorney Vincent Bugliosi would go on to dissect the controversies and challenge Bush’s victory after the fact.

In 2018, noted true crime author and investigative journalist Stephen Singular sought to tell the story of his investigation into the matter by way of his book Stolen Future: The Untold Story of the 2000 Election. Singular was knee-deep in the story as it was happening, but only now. thanks to fellow journalist Russ Baker’s WhoWhatWhy media outlet, has he been able to tell the tale. And I must say its a tale straight out of a crime noir thriller. Regardless your take on the 2000 Presidential Election, Stephen Singular’s Stolen Future raises troubling questions about the state of election integrity in the United States. Whether one believes the result of the 2000 Presidential Election was due to malfeasance or the potential incompetence of the companies behind the Votomatic machines that haunted said election, Singular’s reporting, in my view, should make us all consider the age old question of whether or not money belongs in politics. Should something as important as a Presidential Election be left in the hands of the private interests who create our voting machines?

Stephen Singular joins us to recount his personal investigation of the Bush vs. Gore debacle and the issue of "hanging chads" as told in his book, Stolen Future: The Untold Story of the 2000 Election.


Eric Draitser of Counterpunch Radio returns to the program to share his commentary on the aftermath of of Super Tuesday, Joe Biden's big comeback, and what it means for not only the Bernie Sanders campaign but the progressive/left movement in America as a whole.